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We offer a radiator repair service, If you would like your radiators repaired just strip off all rubber mounts and cap etc... Parcel them up and send them to us with your contact details, Name - address & telephone number. When we receive them we will assess them and give you a call with the exact repair cost and if you would like to go ahead will we then require payment details from you, So they can be repaired and returned to you. Normally this can be done within 7-10 working days depending on how busy we are. If you require them by a certain date please specify this in your covering letter.  
Sending in by post we recommend, Royal Mail special delivery.
Please send to:
GMX Radiators.
Codham Little Park Farm.
Codham Park Drive.
Beazley End.
CM7 5JQ 

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Radiator Repair (Before)

We carry out a radiator repair service for aluminium motocross radiators.
This includes straightening, repairing leaks and welding on strenghtening braces,
pressure testing, foil picking for better airflow.
Costs start in the region of £75.00 per radiator including vat + return carriage charges .
Brand New Radiators sent in for bracing and inlet / outlet pipe strenghtening only, prices start from
£54 per radiator inc vat +  return carriage charges
Road radiator repairs are normally around £175-200 inc vat + return carriage charges.
The above prices are estimated and each individual customers radiator/radiators will be accessed 
on arrival and we will call you with the exact price for your approval of the works to be carried out and payment will be taken at this time.
Please ensure you have removed all rubbers / spacers / clips /  rad cap  before sending.
As we do endeavour to remove these and place in a plastic bag for return with your radiator, but we cannot be held responsible for any losses. 
Radiators sent in for repair and not paid for will be held here for a maximum of 6 months which after this time they will be scrapped or sold to reimburse any costs incurred. 



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Radiator Repairs (After)

This is after we have repaired the radiator shown above, and shows the extra strenghtening braces that we supply and weld on.