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Gmx silicone radiator hose kits. 
Advantages of using Silicone hoses - They are 1.5mm thicker than original hoses  and are reinforced with polyester which makes them stronger, they have a 6 bar burst pressure and will withstand temperatures up to 420 degrees faherenheit. They also look great too !! They come in a range of colours, we stock manufacturer colours as standard and other colours not listed below against models are a special order item which takes 4-6 weeks from confirmed order. If you need any more info please email your enquiry to us from the home page. 
We can also supply Metre length's of silicone hose in various colours sizes available are 13, 16, 19, 22 or 25mm diameter.
90 degree elbows in 16 or 19mm.
Please phone for prices and colour availability of straight and bends.
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Aprilla 450/550 sxv silicone hose kit


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Beta Rev-3 250 03-07 silicone hose kit Red




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Beta 4T silicone hose kit Red




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Beta EVO silicone hose kit Red