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GMX Supported Rider Ben Clark #101

GMX Radiators have been fabricating and developing quality race radiators and cooling components for approximately 20 years now.


The team here at GMX have been involved in off-road racing for many years and have a vast amount of combined experience between us. Pete Clark was British Sidecar Motocross Champion in 1998, Pete is race mechanic and trainer to Ben Clark. Our GMX youth rider Ben Contests the Maxxis and MX Nationals Championships.  Jo Clark has previously ridden as sidecar passenger during Pete’s trials events, and Dave Gooch has had many years experience in road racing scene.


This racing experience has given us the edge and enabled us to develop the most superior and most cooling efficient moto-cross radiator on the pro-racing circuit.

Our race radiators are designed for all makes and models of off-road and competitive moto-cross bikes, and include our standard rad capable of being fully re-built and our advanced performance oversized radiator designed for superior cooling.  As well as producing radiators, GMX produces a number of other specialist race parts including Road Bike radiators, cool hoses, alloy fuel tanks, s/moto breather and catch tanks, expansion tanks. Vintage car radiators and alloy tanks.


Our products have been used by a number of winning teams / riders including:
British and MX Nationals 85SW Champion - Ben Clark
Weston Beach Race 85sw winner - Sam Nunn 
British & World Enduro Champion - David Knight
Weston Beach Race winner -  Paul Edmondson
British Youth Champion -Scott Elderfield
RFX/Crescent Yamaha, Honda UK, Buildbase Honda, 
Bud Racing France. Fast Eddy Team, PAR Honda,  RWJ Honda, MBO Yamaha,  Molson Kawasaki, Shineray Honda,  Connor Walkley, CCM Motorcycles     

GMX’s oversize radiators provide exceptional extra cooling and efficiency...

GMX’s oversize radiators provide exceptional extra cooling and efficiency to stabilize your engine’s temperature leading to more power and greater reliability…. no other after market radiator delivers the same performance.


GMX Radiators have long been the choice of professional circuit racers...isn't it about time you experienced GMX's Advanced Cooling Technology™.